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Pet Passport/ Animal Health Certificate

An animal health certificate (AHC) can only be issued by an Official Veterinarian (OV). An appointment for this can be arranged by contacting your veterinary practice.

When you apply for an animal health certificate, you will need to take your pet, along with their vaccination and medical records including proof of rabies vaccination, to the issuing vet.

When you book an appointment, we will send you a form to complete prior to your hospital visit. This will contain vital information that you need to supply before the AHC can be issued. In some cases, we may need to contact a laboratory to confirm blood results.

An Animal Health Certificate normally includes details of:

  • Pet owner’s details
  • Your pet’s description
  • Rabies vaccination details (your animal will need to have been vaccinated at least three weeks prior to the AHC appointment and have had a UK Rabies vaccine within the past three years)
  • Rabies blood test (as required)
  • Canine tapeworm treatment (as required)
  • Intended country of entry. (The AHC has to be issued in the language of the country in which you are entering and NOT your country of destination)
Which countries do I need an animal health certificate for?

You need an animal health certificate for your dog, cat or ferret if they’ll be travelling from outside the country. See  for government guidelines on which countries this is applicable to.

Why is an animal health certificate necessary?

An Animal Health Certificate, along with any other official documentation, is a legal requirement in order to bring your pet into a COUNTRY. The primary purpose is to keep the country  free from rabies, and other foreign diseases such as those transmitted by parasites that do not exist in the UK.

Who can issue an animal health certificate?

Your animal health certificate can only be issued by a vet who has been authorized by the government (an Official Veterinarian).

Who can apply for an animal health certificate?

The owner, as named in on the animal health certificate must be aged over 16. Pets must be accompanied either by their owner or by a person authorised in writing by the owner.